Monday, May 24, 2010

Autograph War: Wild Thing vs The Bull?

Special Guest Post by Skyline Stories (@SkylineStories)

I'm hoping there was an autograph war between Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams and Greg "The Bull" Luzinski on Sunday's Phillies game.

Luz signs at his Bull's BBQ stand. But on Sunday, he had some competition as "Wild Thing" -- the former Phillies closer for the 1993 World Series team and former manager for the now-defunct minor-league Atlantic City Surf of the Atlantic League -- signed copies of his new book "Straight From Wild Thing."

"Please, no memorabilia," a sign read.

Publisher Triumph Books didn't get reviews for the book -- but who needs those when you have THE MULLET on the cover?

From Triumph's Web site:
Though his successful pitching career is behind him, Mitch is still standing up in Philadelphia and telling it like it is. "Straight Talk from Wild Thing" is the story of his career, but more than that, it is inside baseball seen from many perspectives: sitting on a 10-hour minor league bus ride, standing on a pitcher's mound, and sitting in a clubhouse, a dugout, and a ranch in Texas, where a man who"retired" at age 32 struggled to figure out what to do next.

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